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We help you gain Consistant Profit.


Rakesh Seervi

Founder, CEO

A Bit About Me

Rakesh bootstrapped and founded Finovatives in 2019 to overcome the hurdles he faced during his decade-long stint as a trader. Today, Finovatives have changed the landscape of the Indian Trading Strategies.


He Founded Finovatives just to help People to start trading without any hassle/ Difficulties. Anyone can trade in the market with ZERO knowledge.  

Playing basketball is his zen.

Our Purpose

Our main goal is to change the 90% failure rate in traders, achieve confidence in their trading abilities, and handle the stock market. I look forward to helping you to become a successful Trader! 

Investing/Trading is not at all a rocket science game if you have the right skill and knowledge. 

Investing & Trading in Stock Market, Forex Market, Commodity Market & Crypto-currencies can make traders lots of money. Traders also lose money because of no knowledge about the trend and direction of the market. Our tool helps cover ordinary and/or advanced traders' needs in knowing the trend direction! Our Smart Strategy has the power to see the right direction of the market.


We believe every client is different and requires a unique approach. Our mission is to help people navigate through changing market conditions and their individual life circumstances in order to find a strategic plan that best fits to their needs. We take an objective view of your circumstances and place great value in the quality of our relationship. That’s why you’ll get the best direction and advice.


We provide access to a wide selection of investment products and services. Whether it’s making sure you get the right information so you can make smart decisions, or assisting with your portfolio, we look forward to helping you on your path towards a secure financial future. 

people who enroll for our course ,  for a  Life time access , So that the retail traders can also take advantage of it . We are dedicated to provide our best knowledge in our course . Our success lies in the prosperity of our subscribers .

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